6 Steps to Cloud
Store Success

So you're ready to grow your business and resell the Microsoft Cloud through your very own Cloud Store? Great! Follow these 6 proven steps to successful cloud store implementation, growth, profitability and engagement with your customers.

Let's get started...

Sign Up and Customise Store

Confirm your Business case
  • Finalise target and prospects to understand scale of the opportunity to set your business goals and revenue targets. Build an ROI by modelling the margin which you can manage within the MyCSP portal. Ensure how sales compensation plans will be updated to reflect Cloud sales for the sales team.
  • We provide you with a user-friendly and straightforward way to create your CSP Cloud Store based on the MyCSP platform. Additionally, you can make it your own by adding your brand logos and colours, so that your CSP store reflects your company.

Find a Sales Champion

Someone to lead the charge for your CSP Cloud Store
  • Before deciding on a champion you will want to define what success for your company looks like. From there, find yourself a sales champion that your company can rely on to drive your vision and be an internal champion. Someone that demonstrates understanding of the industry, organisation, competition, products you are selling, as well as having the desire to learn, be accountable and have no fear of failure. An all rounder with a passion for sales!

Arm the Champion

Create a Go-To-Market value proposition
  • Using your business goals and revenue targets we will assist you in creating a marketing strategy with target personas and sculpt the supporting materials. A well-crafted GTM value proposition increases your chances of success by helping to align your sales champion with marketing. It provides your champion with the blueprint they will need to take yourCSP to market.
Create a seamless sales process
  • Create a lead to opportunity, qualification and close process which we will support with scripting and sales play for your telesales team and account managers.
    Need help with your sales process? Book a call with one of our expert sales support specialists.
Create an effective provisioning process
  • Align internal business processes and provisioning to ensure a seamless transaction for the customer. Umbrellar will provide provisioning training via documentation, webinars and in person sessions as required.
Skill up
  • Train your core team on the basics Azure Fundamentals and Microsoft 365. A great place to start is by doing these two courses:
Understand Microsoft CSP FAQs
  • CSP can be a tricky business sometimes! We’ve answered the most commonly asked questions around eligibility, signing up, costs, and more over at our FAQs
Set quotas
  • Set the financial goals that your champion and their sales team must reach by the end of a certain time period. Commonly a month or a quarter.

Prepare for Launch

Add your cloud store to your company website
  • We will help you to integrate MyCSP to your business systems and tools, but you will need to integrate it into your website. This is where you’re going to need your web designer or developer to get involved. This can be as simple as linking from your site to your CSP store landing page OR embedding an iFrame within your site.
Design your marketing funnel & campaign
  • Visualise the customer journey from awareness all the way through to conversion. You’ll need great creative to explain the pains and gains of yourCSP, and you’ll need a plan to get that creative in front of the right audience. First make your target customers aware that you now offer all the goodness that comes from a self serve Cloud Store, educate them on what benefits it brings to their business, and convince them they need to sign up!
  • Let our GTM experts work with you to implement a proven 3 month GTM strategy to help get you out of the gate faster!
Download GTM Strategy
Load FAQs onto your website
  • FAQs allow you to deal with specific queries that your customer has about your CSP Cloud Store. Having well-formed FAQs helps establish trust and helps your customers on their decision-making journey. You can borrow the wording from ours, and add to it as you learn more.
Press release & comms
  • Issue a press release to inform the media within your industry that you have an exciting addition to your business offering - your CSP store is a great story! After all your are enabling the transformation of NZ! Tell your wider network of employees and stakeholders about it too via your regular internal communications. You might need to engage a PR specialist for this, we can make a recommendation.


Activate GTM
  • It’s time to launch your go-to-market plan to give you the competitive edge within the market.
Ensure Sales Champion Success
  • Support the sales team and sales champion with this new move into CSP with ongoing communications and training
Schedule monthly business reviews
  • We will support your Cloud Store journey through monthly business review meetings with our Head of Strategic Partnerships. In these reviews we cover the following but not limited to - reviewing your partner goals, reviewing KPI performance, informing challenges, and building next quarter’s roadmap and goals.

Maintain and Grow

Attend Umbrellar Digital Changemakers events
  • We run quarterly informal Digital Changemaker events which are a fantastic opportunity for you to attend and realise the value and leverage Umbrellar’s partner ecosystem. Come and connect with the best technology partners and customers in New Zealand.
  • Join in with our monthly virtual partner updates and receive monthly newsletters where we connect and educate our eco-system with updates from Microsoft, our Vendors and our partners. Learn about upcoming training, program changes and the value of co-selling and sharing opportunities with other partners to grow us all.
Refine your GTM
  • Take your learnings to the next level by refining your go to market plan. Now that you will have a better understanding of how your customers interact with your sales and marketing:
  • Assess your targets. Are there changes in the industry, how will you change to keep up?
  • Refine and update your personas. Do you now have a more accurate picture of who your customers are? If so, craft your personas even more to bring them to life for everyone within the business.
  • Were you asking the right questions? Was your messaging correct? Did it address the predicted pain points or are there other pain points you should now target?
  • Refine your marketing channels. You should have a clearer picture now of where your customers/personas are buying. Make it easy for your target personas to find you.
  • Is your marketing budget supporting your desired targets? Is it being spent in the most effective channels?
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