FY22 Partner Training and Events Update

Azure Virtual Training Day: Migrating On-Premises  Infrastructure and Data 

24th & 25th Aug


Softsource and vBridge Teams and Power Platform  Workshops

7th September

Microsoft-Workshop-Invitation.pdf (vbridge.co.nz)

Microsoft Azure  Virtual Training Day: Linux OSS Database Migration

8th September


Microsoft Security  Virtual Training Day: Secure and Protect Your Organization 

8th & 9th  September



Microsoft Azure  Virtual Training Day: Azure Fundamentals

14th &  15thSeptember



Microsoft Dynamics  365 Virtual Training Day: Build a Resilient Supply Chain

16th September



Azure Virtual  Training Day:  Deliver Integrated Analytics with Azure Synapse

22nd & 23rd  September 


Microsoft 365  Virtual Training Day: Enable Remote Work with Microsoft Teams

22nd & 23rd  September 



MWP & Teams

All About Microsoft Teams New Zealand webinars  (presented by Ace Training)

Teams webinars landing page

Teams – Introduction to Governance – on demand

Teams – Adoption and Change Management in Teams

Responding to rapidly changing environments by  unleashing Microsoft Teams

Enabling the Anywhere Office:  with Surface and  Microsoft – on demand

Microsoft Virtual Security and Compliance Summit – 11  June 2020


Azure and more…

Azure Cloud Adoption Framework Virtual  Workshop – on demand

Azure Operations and Governance – on demand

Azure Infrastructure Webinar Series – on demand

Azure Open Source Virtual Summit by Microsoft Azure – on demand

Azure Accelerate your Windows Virtual Desktop  Deployment – on demand

Azure Data and Analytics event – on demand

Azure SQL Server Modernisation Event – on demand

Cloud transformation with Azure Hybrid Cloud (Inde  webinar)