Indirect Reseller Incentive Programme: Upcoming Eligibility Changes


Effective October 1, 2021, the CSP indirect reseller incentive programme requires partners to have USD25,000 Trailing Twelve Month (TTM) revenue to be eligible.

Impacted audience:

CSP indirect reseller incentive program


To be eligible to participate in the fiscal year 2022 CSP indirect reseller incentive program starting October 1, 2021, indirect reseller partners are required to have USD25,000 TTM revenue. If eligibility isn’t met, partners will be off-boarded from the incentive program until the USD25,000 TTM revenue has been reached. Once eligible, partners will be invited to participate in CSP indirect reseller incentive program.

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You can find recommended steps and self-help articles for incentive-related questions by typing “incentives” in the search bar on the Microsoft Partner Centre home page. If you need additional assistance, you can create a support request directly in Partner Centre.

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