About Us

Welcome to MyCSP, a product built by Umbrellar to make things easier for you.

Are we the biggest Microsoft distributor? Nope. Are we a big corporate? Absolutely not! Do we distribute 100's of complex vendor programmes? Just the one, thanks very much. We DO, however, obsess over ONE thing - knowing Microsoft CSP like no other.

MyCSP is a world-leading SaaS commerce platform that helps businesses and Cloud Service Providers procure and resell Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure Stack.

We created MyCSP to help fix a major problem. You, like all forward-thinking IT decision-makers and aspirational Service Providers, get hamstrung by the lack of consultative support and expert guidance when procuring Microsoft Cloud Services. With over 120,000 Microsoft products to be leveraged, we just knew there had to be a better way.

Legacy LSPs, VARs and traditional big distributors are spread thin, adding little value across many licensing programmes. Our approach is different. We go tight and deep on Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solutions Provider) only, to offer an unrivalled depth of support to take your Microsoft technology adoption to the next level.

After 25 years in the business, awarded Microsoft Partner of the Year and the only Microsoft-focused distributor on the market Umbrellar are confident in the value we can bring to your organisation. After all, digital transformation is not a SKU - it's a mindset. A relationship. A conversation. A partnership.

MyCSP compliments our other Umbrellar products and services, such as Umbrellar Connect and Umbrellar Enterprise Managed Services.

Let's get to work and let MyCSP be your CSP!

Our customers love us

"We had tried various ways to improve the management of our Microsoft Azure subscriptions, but they all had various complexities associated with them. The service that Umbrellar has provided is simple, transparent, and supportive. It was exactly what we were looking for."
John McDermott, Stellar Consulting Group
"After the frustration of trying to buy Microsoft licences and seeing how small businesses like me struggle to get the tools they need for securing data, I signed up with Umbrellar as a CSP. Now I procure the licences I need when I need them."
Glen McCauley, Erisk Consulting Ltd
"My experience with Umbrellar in the last three years has been absolutely stellar, from the moment I first contacted them. Any issues, of which there have been very few, are always sorted out promptly with a friendly and efficient support service."
Craig Milne, IT Matrix