The all-in-one platform for Microsoft CSP!

MyCSP is an award-winning SaaS digital commerce platform for Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers that helps you save money and grow! Enable your customers to self-serve Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and 120,000 ISV solutions with your own white label MyCSP Cloud Store!
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But first…. what are you interested in?

MyCSP supports two business scenarios. You can procure Microsoft products and services for your business to use directly, or sign up as a Microsoft CSP indirect Reseller.
I want to procure Microsoft ServicesI want to resell Microsoft Services

So you want to grow your business and resell the Microsoft Cloud? Great!

We created MyCSP so you can grow, increase your profitability and engage with your customers on a deeper level.
Create your own customer-facing Microsoft store in less then 2 hours at ZERO capital cost.
Billing Automation
Billing automations and over 2,000 integrations to your ecosystem of applications.
All Microsoft Products
Over 120,000 products to your customers including Azure, Azure Stack, O365, M365, Dynamics and Reserved Instances.

We already helped these companies to expand

+ over 800 of NZ’s greatest businesses, like yours, who make a difference on the market

Looking to procure Microsoft products for your business? Sure!

We created MyCSP for you, the IT decision maker who is charged with taking your organisation to the Microsoft Cloud.
Self-Serve Microsoft Cloud Solutions
Ditch your company credit card and complex Enterprise Agreement. Procure over 120,000 products from NZ’s leading Cloud Solutions Provider.
Experts in Cost Management
Cloud is easy, cost management is hard. We live and breath cost management to optimise your IT spend.
Be supported
Our heritage in Microsoft Azure helps you get to the answer quickly. We are here to help you accelerate your digital transformation. Here for you 24/7 and backed by Microsoft Premier Support.

These companies trust us because we make a difference!

+ over 700 of NZ’s greatest businesses in all sort of industries
We created MyCSP so you can

Look good in front of your customers.

We have done the heavy lifting for you. MyCSP gives you over 120,000 products to sell to your customers via our beautiful, intelligent, and white-label commerce experience.
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Save money and time with our

Billing Automations

MyCSP integrates with over 2,000 3rd party systems to reduce admin overhead, streamline reconciliation and remove the complexity of Microsoft CSP billing.
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With MyCSP you can have

YourCSP store done right

MyCSP white-labelling feature gives you the ability to create YourCSP store in less than 15 minutes and attract new customers with zero cost attached.
Create YourCSP store today!
We built MyCSP so together we can

Deliver Technology for Tomorrow’s world

Enabling you with access to over 120,000 Azure, Microsoft 365, Office 365 and Dynamics Products. We give you ultimate visibility on your CSP business performance. All underpinned by our certified Architects available 24/7 via phone, email, online chat and Microsoft Premier Support.
Become a MyCSP customer
MyCSP is designed to make the complex simple because

Microsoft licensing is a dark art

This is not our first rodeo! Microsoft licensing can be complex, and we are here to support getting the best commercial outcome for your needs in the Cloud. From Azure Hybrid Benefit, to Microsoft incentive management, we know Microsoft CSP like no other!
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How do I start MyCSP journey?

Register in MyCSP
You'll need your Billing Profile Name or MPN Name
Setup your Account
You need to create your billing profile and setup your payment method
Start transacting
That's it! You will have access to 120,000 products, 24/7 support and much more!
The whole process takes less than 2 hours. 15 minutes for registration and account setup, 15 minutes on making coffee, 90 minutes to have your account linked to MyCSP by Microsoft.
After all we are all here to

Enable you to create exponential value and grow your business

We created MyCSP for you, a senior leader in the industry who is charged with taking your customers to the Microsoft Cloud.

MyCSP gives you a solid business foundation, but we don't stop there! Our team works closely with yours to not only start but grow and optimise you Microsoft practice. We sell alongside you knowing that together we are stronger. And we amplify your proposition to over 500,000 Kiwi's per month via our marketing platform, Umbrellar Connect.
Start your CSP practice today!
After all we are all here to

Enable you to add value back to your business

We created MyCSP for you, the IT decision maker who is charged with taking your organisation to the Microsoft Cloud.

Procuring via the CSP programme is Microsoft’s answer to legacy Enterprise Agreements and comes to a mountain of benefits. No lengthy contracts, full flexibility, low to no capital requirements and full 24/7 support via phone, email and online chat.
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MyCSP is just the start…. drive leads for your business with Umbrellar Connect

Umbrellar Connect is powered by you, the CSP. It exists to showcase your services to the IT decision makers of New Zealand! Once you sign up to MyCSP you’ll also be onboarded to Umbrellar Connect.

Let us support what you deploy via our Azure Expert MSP team…..

Deploying technology is just the start. Let us help you manage your technology 24/7 with our Azure certified Enterprise Services available via phone, email and online chat. From cost management to infrastructure modernisation, we’ve got you covered!

Are you wondering what's inside of MyCSP and how it can help your business?


This offer is for indirect resellers who want to transact in NZ region
This offer is for indirect resellers and indirect providers who want to transact in any region and use their MPN

Billing Automations

We automate your billing by providing you access to consumption data and licenses usage.
Consolidated File + Order History
+ Integration with your Billing System


We will help you to integrate MyCSP to your business systems and tools.
Public API + Zapier
+ Custom Integration Apps


We provide you with a friendly and straightforward way to create YourCSP based on MyCSP system. No upfront cost, no investment in intellectual property.

Business Insights

We build for you some smart insights based on your business performance. Make business decisions based on data, not on gues.
ARR, MRR, TOP 10 customers, TOP 10 products, Money Saved
+ Growth Rate, Churn Rate, Retention Rate, Sales per months

Commerce Experience

MyCSP optimises purchase journey for you based on the most profitable and useful products from Microsoft Product Catalogue.

Product Catalogue

Get an access to the biggest set of products.
120,000 Microsoft Products including Azure, Azure Stack, O365, M365, Dynamics and Reserved Instances, etc
+ Your product catalogue you want to sell to your customers



* some premium and professional services can cost extra
* when MyCSP is your exclusive Microsoft CSP provider

Want to know more?

We support two types of customers - Enterprise & Corporate Businesses who would like to buy Microsoft Products for their own consumption and CSP Resellers and MSPs who would like to buy and resell Microsoft Products.
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Our customers love us

"We had tried various ways to improve the management of our Microsoft Azure subscriptions, but they all had various complexities associated with them. The service that Umbrellar has provided is simple, transparent, and supportive. It was exactly what we were looking for."
John McDermott, Stellar Consulting Group
"After the frustration of trying to buy Microsoft licences and seeing how small businesses like me struggle to get the tools they need for securing data, I signed up with Umbrellar as a CSP. Now I procure the licences I need when I need them."
Glen McCauley, Erisk Consulting Ltd
"My experience with Umbrellar in the last three years has been absolutely stellar, from the moment I first contacted them. Any issues, of which there have been very few, are always sorted out promptly with a friendly and efficient support service."
Craig Milne, IT Matrix

A sneak peak from our award-winning platform.

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